Sunday, April 7


I went thrifting at Uptown Consignment with my Mom on our way back from Boston yesterday. On top of some fun $1 jewelry we found on Newbury Street (durr, I should post them) it was the only shopping we did all weekend! Pats on the back for us. Anyway, the goodies were GOOD, and upon reflection, very New England-y, which is something I'm realizing I gravitate toward...5 years in Connecticut will do that to you. I'll show you what I got and didn't get, and at the end, you can find my GDaP (Good Deals a'Plenty) rating.

Banana Republic Boxy Striped Top, $9.

Love this piece! It has front darting and a fancy zipper in the back. It's perfect for work and all year round wear.

J. Crew Sweater, $3.

Thickly knit, wooly, lovely. I just see myself wearing it out to dinner over a sundress after getting home from the beach. Just dreaming..!

Gold Knit Top, $1.50

This top was a little on the trendy side for me, but the picture doesn't it do it justice--it really is a uniformly muted gold knit, and I think it will be super versatile for the summer. And for $1.50, you can't beat it!

Tory Burch Long-Sleeved Polo, $7.

My Mom actually found this one! The gold buttons all have the signature "T" logo, and I'm guessing this shirt retails for a boatload (a classy Hamptons yachtload of course, hah). I may have done something sacrilegious to Tory Boppers but I cut off the collar to make it more of a henley look. I just don't think long-sleeved polos are very flattering on me.

Now onto what I didn't buy (but you still can)!

Alexander Wang Babydoll Top, $10; H&M "The Garden" Collection Dress, $20.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Vinyl Tote, $24; Tory Burch Velvet Espadrilles, $12.

And for the bonus, something else I bought and made into a gym tee....

Tee, $2.

Please excuse the no-makeup Sunday gym look :) I couldn't resist! It's a silly t-shirt and I was musing about adding an "& Puerto Rican" to the wording. I love the little pick-me-up items you find while shopping. I always think, well, since I gave up coffee 5 years ago, I've saved a lot of little $2 purchases, I can splurge on something trivial every once in a while! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and let me know if you've found any good deals thrifting lately!

GDaP Rating: 7.



  1. So jealous of all of your finds!!


    1. I gotta give some credit to my momma ;) xDana