Monday, April 22


My weekend brought me home, and as usual, it was lovely. The weather was chilly, but the sun was out for most of the time to make it up. The cold ground was speckled in spots with crocuses, and even if it wasn't springy, it was fresh. On Saturday my dad and I took a drive and wandered along the Hudson River while we digested our froyo. Then after some coffee with my friend Jill, I made my way over to my Grandma's birthday dinner.

My Grandma's birthday dinner was so nice. The food was so delicious, with tiny tapas plates that I couldn't resist. I ordered a heavy and spicy butternut squash bisque with cherry compote...and a side of patatas bravas--my first "french fries" since I gave them up for lent! Patatas bravas are deep-fried chunks of potato in a spicy dusting, topped with tangy chipotle mayo. Heaven. Top 10 dishes right there. We then went back to my aunt's to formally have a cake and sing happy birthday.

Let me explain the last picture on the bottom right. A couple of weeks ago I went over to my grandma's apartment for tea. Her apartment is perfect for tea. She has all this old Ralph Lauren china and sets a tablecloth out and has a candleabra in the kitchen and a stack of fashion magazines to occupy you while you sip (always W and Bazaar, often Vogue). So on this night, my grandma asked me if I wanted dessert with my tea...of course...and let me say, my grandma has the biggest sweet tooth I've ever encountered...but what did she do? She broke two Nature Valley bars onto a small dessert plate and told me to have some. She's obsessed with them, so I made her a "cake" of Nature Valley bars. Hartee har har ;)

Of course I also did a lot of shopping this weekend, at Sephora because it was Chic Week and at Gap because they were having an extra 50% off sale, so I'll share those finds next post!


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