Wednesday, April 10


So, all the other blogs are doing it.

What I'm...Wednesday is all about moi (remember when Miss Piggy used to say that?). Maybe I'll switch it up a bit, but I'll stick to a what's what of my day and you can share yours in the comments fact, I urge you to. 'Cause a little reflection on a super strangely thunderstormy night is the way to go.

Clockwise from top left: Skyping with Mallori from Ireland as she gives herself a throat-numbing spray; best biscuits from a bakery near my house in NY; green juice in a pretty glass; trying out a side braid.

Reading: Lots of new blogs. I've traced my love of blogs back to a fascination as a child...I always loved seeing how other kids around the world lived. I remember seeing one of those super educational books with lots of photos and infographics, maybe it was National Geographic, but on every page it highlighted a kid from a different country. I couldn't imagine what it was like to live in Russia, and be so immersed in ballet, or what it was like to be from Canada and live in the tundra! So today I still love to see how other people live across the world. People so different from me! That is what makes life interesting.
Eating: Grilled cheese and french fries. Even on Sara Lee whole grain bread and with Kraft deluxe American Cheese, a grilled cheese is a darn grilled cheese to me. And let's not forget french fries; they are quite possibly my second favorite food, to pizza, duh. I think this meal was largely influenced by the warm weather yesterday. Trying to bring it back as we dive into another 50's and rainy weekend.
Watching: Call the Midwife. A BBC drama, it's my fill for Downton Abbey. British TV is bangin'. And any stories about cohorts of women helping each other out soothes my feminist soul. And childbirth! How did they do it back then? So different from today (depending on who you're talking to).
Making: Black Cherry Passion Fruit Jello. Boopity doop bop bop Jello (that was my 2-second Bill Cosby talking about Jello impression). I just made the regular sugar free kind (kind of an oxymoron) and whisked in some passion fruit juice...shh, don't tell anyone it was that easy.
Listening to: Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.The best ballet. The best overture. Every time I listen to it I swoon. It's like bittersweet, airy cotton candy to my ears.
Wearing: Black high-waisted ankle pants from H&M. I bought them over the winter for $7...well, I bought two pairs, but chu know. It makes me feel wonderfully 1950s, especially with a little black ballet flat.
Thinking: I have to decide where to put my Law School seat deposits by five days from now. Eek! Where to go, where to go. Do I take a risk? Do I start new in a city I've never even spent more than 4 days in? Too many "adult" decisions, as Meg would say.
Loving: Stripes! Ahh, I feel like a nautical goddess whenever I wear stripes. Like I just got off my tiny plane from a New England getaway. I'm wearing a striped tee and a striped bed. That's how obsessed.


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