Wednesday, April 24


From top left, clockwise: trying on Prada sunglasses at Annie Sez, a rando store next to my home grocery (post to come because they were SO ON SALE); I saw this Barbie at a discount general store and was surprised about the gender role reversal, "He sure can cook!" but maybe Barbie and Ken are just hipster foodies now; my roommate's birthday dinner, complete with garb and heavenly gulab jamin; two beautiful end tables at Target for $34.98 each and I wanted them so badly.

Reading: "Medium Raw" by Anthony Bourdain. He is so quick-witted and both simultaneously highbrow and indulgent in the lowbrow. Anthony Bourdain makes even the most repulsive foods (eating a whole chicken bones and all) sound tantalizing. And the foodie gossip is tantalizing.
Eating: out a lot. I went out for Indian food for my roommate's birthday last night, and today I went for a "business lunch" of sorts which ended in a decadent chocolate and vanilla with chocolate pudding and chocolate fudge fillings cake. Good but wow, I felt compelled to pay for it at the gym, something I never feel obligated to do. I know going out to eat twice in two days is no big deal but I'm a homebody cheapo (it's The Naked Co-Ed for a reason people).
Watching: Benny & Joon. Supposedly I loved this movie as a child, which is strange because it's about mental illness and some pretty heavy shtuff. I literally finished it ten minutes ago and thought...did I understand this growing up because I must have been a very strange kid, that or I probably thought everyone was "funny." Also the song "And I would-a walk five-a hundred mi-iles..."
Making: nothing :( Must plan some DIY projects (finally) for this weekend. Thoughts? I have like DIY block.
Listening to: the Downton Abbey OST. If this song could play every time something romantic happens, I think my life would feel super rosy and wonderful.
Wearing: Coats. Fluffing COLD up here in New England. Make it stop, but not so much global warming gets worse, Mama Nature!
Thinking: how lucky we are to be alive. When we catch a warm air it feels like the Earth is just surging into your soul. Is that too cheesy for you? I think a little gratefulness is good.
Loving: seeing the sun set on my way home from the gym at night. That "dusky" feeling.


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