Friday, May 31


Some people, I feel, really like to hate their hometowns after they leave for college. I'm out of college, and I still love coming back home and seeing what small things are buzzing around town (that's not to say I quite love living at home, I'm grateful for my teeny apartment)! Memorial Day is no different, in fact, it feels extra special because all the important people are getting the recognition they deserve. The elderly men and women who come out and sit under the hot white tent, wearing their uniforms, it makes me happy. There was a WWII Nurse, 96 years old. We spent the rest of the day BBQing, of course, and catching up on some books.

My Mom and I helped my Dad finish up a little Memorial Day exhibit for the Historical Society. How 'bout them pink sweatpants? Sorry Mom. We had just went for a long walk.

This is my old house. It sits at the bottom of the hill we live on now. My cousins moved in after us!

Back to the now house.

Thank you :)



  1. So sweet are those pictures? :) I love going home too- I think I always will!


    1. Thanks, Emily! Glad I'm not the only one :) xx