Saturday, May 25


J. Crew Sweater, Thrifted, $3; Jeans, Burlington Coat Factory, $10.

Ralph Lauren Candle, Marshall's, $7.50.

Just to give you a taste of what it's like to live in New England. It's 41 degrees, raining, windy. And not very glamorous. I bought and immediately lit this candle--aptly? named Summer Boardwalk--and my roommate said it smells like "Guys," haha (it has a cologne-y air to it), and now I'm self-conscious. I included 3 photos of myself because I like to show how normal and not stylish my daily life is. When it's this cold at the end of May, all you want to do is put on the coziest wool sweater, light a candle, and think of being in a boat on the rocky shores of the Northeast...


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