Wednesday, May 1


Clockwise from top: sunset on my Saturday DIY, a glass succulent terrarium; Blue Bunny Mini Chocolate cone Chocolate ice cream Chocolate shell (Cx3) ice cream cones, my newest and most supreme vice; Justin Bieber cupcakes on sale at the supermarket for $2.50.

Reading: Into the Gloss. My favorite beauty blog. Look at their Top Shelf articles. Super beauty editors letting you into their medicine and beauty cabinets...lots of French women with their fancy products like $72 Guerlain bronzer (still want one) and Caudalie everything.
Eating: roasted brussel sprouts every day. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, cut stems off washed brussel sprouts, cut sprouts into thirds, toss with a couple of sprays of olive oil/pepper/garlic powder/salt, roast until as crispy as you like them! I like them super toasty, around 15-20 minutes in the oven. The definition of DIRT CANDY, so good.
Watching: Sex & the City, no longer. I JUST finished the whole series last Sunday. Wow. I rushed through the whole thing in about a month, but still, I wish there were more episodes. Now I want to talk "Are you a Carrie or a Samantha?" with my friends but they've had those conversations years ago. Late bus over here.
Making: succulent terrarium plus a little succulent in a bowl. I couldn't fit them all in the glass hurricane jar I got on sale for $5.50 at Marshall's last week.
Listening to: the Ne le Dis a Personne/Tell No One Original Soundtrack. It always makes me feel like I'm in a summery psychological thriller/romance movie...kinda like the actual film. Original, Dana!
Wearing: my $5 thrifted jean jacket with everything. But this weekend I'm excited to wear some more Spring-y clothes. I have a family event on Saturday that should be fun to dress up for.
Thinking: I need a tan...a faux tan. I have never had a fake tan. Have you? What do you do?! Does it come off on all your clothes and sheets? Wait is it too soon for a tan?
Loving: my newest beauty purchases from Sephora's Chic Week. I will blog about these tomorrow. I've never spent so much on anything in my life, but, I think treating your skin as well as you can--on your level of affordability--is a wonderful investment.


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