Wednesday, May 15


Clockwise from top left: I can't tell if I look like I'm fake smiling, oopsies; ALMOST bought this diaper-looking but in reality super cute Marc by Marc Jacobs swim bottoms, I swear they looked cute, and for $8 (not on sale); Rebecca Minkoff cocktail minidress at 91% off for $29.90 at Nordstrom Rack, not my style, but what a steal!

Reading: the blog, Zoella. All the way from the UK! I'm a secret fan of super peppy beauty vloggers. Not too many, and not too peppy, but the ones who gush about beauty and seem pretty girly. Zoella is cool because she also touches upon her experiences with Anxiety & Panic Disorder, something I, myself, grapple with. Beauty with a side of realness (that comment/my cheese factor: 10/10).
Eating: tofu stir-fried with diced fresh pineapple, quinoa, and Trader Joe's Island Soyaki Sauce. GET IT! That Soyaki is sweet but salty and perfect on everything. I buy tofu because even though I prefer chicken, it is much easier to keep in the fridge and cook with. Who likes to trim and marinate and cook and whatnot with chicken when you get home at 5PM and are completely hangry? Don't answer that, food bloggers.
Watching: Married to Jonas. They're just so...normal and family-oriented. Okay?!
Making:a fool out of myself working out. I joined a free, staff-only fitness class to do on my lunch hours. It's 15/15/15 Cardio/Strength/Core. Everyone else in the class is pretty much above 40, and they kick my butt. Every. Dang. Class.
Listening to: A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex's "Wild for the Night." Does this make me a 19 year old biddy? I'm going to say this will be the song of the summer.
Wearing:more necklaces. In high school that's all I wore. Now I wear necklaces once every three months. This has to change.
Thinking: one of my closest friends, Mallori, is coming back from her year in Ireland, and I can't wait! Girl knows how to make me laugh.
Loving: getting to be in NY on the weekends. Nothing better.



  1. Ahh I love Zoella! I watch her YT videos - obsessed with all the Brits! :)


    1. The Brits are great--are you a Tanya and Fleur person, too? xDana