Wednesday, May 22


Clockwise from top left: fuzzy shameful selfie, because I haven't filled my vanity quota just yet; posing poorly in a thrifted tunic, I think I got it for $3, I don't even remember where; with my living room carpet it felt very '70s, almost in a bad way.

Reading: this article on Into the Gloss. Liv Tyler has always been such a beauty icon to me! The contrast between her skin and hair is similar to mine, aka, super pale with dark dark locks, so I have always gravitated to her beauty looks. I especially love how simple her makeup always is. I would call her one of those timeless inspirations, non?
Eating: a bite of a macaron! My roommate shared some with me and even though I only had one bite, I have to say as a first time try, it's really delicious. The cookie wafers look so light and crunchy but they're actually quite chewy. I figured it was due time to try, considering the macaron is like, the inspiration for everything right now...look out Mason Jars.
Watching: last week's SNL with Ben Affleck. Oh man, this was one of the best episodes in recent history. Be sure to reflect and watch Stefon's farewell short. I had never even seen one of Stefon's skits (I fall asleep way before Weekend Update) but still pretty much teared up.
Making: a dream come true. That is, driving a golf kart for this weekend's commencement ceremony. Hold on, folks! But it's kind of like, inspired partly by Mariokart, so I hope I don't get anxious and race, let's say, another totally slow golf kart.
Listening to: "The Thief" from the Hugo Original Soundtrack. I love magical little tunes that make you feel all childlike without being too twee...I promise.
Wearing: a thrifted long, floral tunic with leggings. I didn't think I'd dress "like a mom" this early in life, but it's pretty good for work attire. Then again I feel like I look like a Coachella wannabe, I just need the floral crown--make them stop!
Thinking: I am the biggest dumdum ever. I just drove through traffic to the supermarket and realized I forgot my wallet. Uber. fluffing. disappointing. I couldn't even go back I was so mad.
Loving: one more month until I move to NY for the summer!


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