Wednesday, May 8


Clockwise from top: pretty trees on campus; trying on $45 Tory Burch sunglasses with no makeup on (how bad was my cystic; the Barbie house from my childhood appeared at a CT Goodwill, nostalgia! Yes, it was a super cool A-frame beach house kind of Barbie abode.

Reading: the blog, Documenting Delight. I love blogs because they can show you how people in different parts of the world live. This adorable family from Australia is no exception, I love to drink in all the smiles and foliage and everything shared.
Eating: Trader Joe's Veggie and Apple Sticks. Not Veggie-Apple, but Veggie kind and Apple kind. So good! A satisfying but light set of snacks. Go get them! Also I think they are just $1.99 per bag each.
Watching: New Girl, like everyone else. It's been so funny this season! I love how I can watch it with my friends or with my parents and everyone gets a kick out of the same jokes. Good TV.
Making: broken makeup like new again! I've been dying for a Nars Orgasm blush dupe...the Milani Luminous blush was touted as the best one, however, it was $12 at CVS, not the best "dupe" price. So I went to Wal-Mart, where it was $6.87, and broken. But I thought, let me take a shot at I went to the cashier and asked if she would discount it and I got it for 1/2 off! Then I went home and smashed it all up, mixed it with hand sanitizer into a paste, and then put it back in the compact. Next morning after it had set overnight it was like new!
Listening to: hopefully Kendrick Lamar, live...tomorrow he is playing on campus during the day and I hope to be listening to that! But you know, that 9-5 job thing gets in the way sometimes.
Wearing: nothing exciting. My office is consistently 55 degrees so no matter what I have to dress boringly warm. But I have been pleased with wearing pink pants lately. I know you're brimming with excitement to hear that.
Thinking: this summer I am going to go on an eBay selling binge. I want to sell a lot of stuff, mostly unworn or expensive thrifted items. For example: vintage red Frye cowboy boots, my middle school Juicy Couture stuff, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, unworn Victoria's Secret bikinis...the list goes on. I'll definitely post my eBay shop to my blog when it is up and running.
Loving: when I walk home from work and all the little petals from the flowering trees rain down on me. It's like a freakin' dusting of the prettiest, most delicate confetti. Like a little "hAaYy, you're done for the day!"


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