Thursday, June 13


This is me without makeup, trying on the Missoni polo I thrifted today for $14. Do you like my pajama shorts? I love Missoni so much. Whenever I think of an answer to that never-asked question, "How do you define your style?" I always think Traditional American with Italian Feminine Sensibility. I love simple, structured, and stripes as much as I love girly, frilly, fancy things. This polo might not be girly, but it's pretty simple...and it's Italian. I just kind of still want to be Margherita Missoni.

Today I went to work, saw co-workers for lunch, went on a little thrifting trip, came home, and am now thinking of doing my nails. Today is also my 23rd birthday. This is my first time not celebrating my birthday with others. A very adult birthday, I guess.



  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, even if it was spent alone! I Love the way you describe your style sensibility!

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    1. loos like you don't have it! I'll follow by email :)

    2. Thank you, Brittany! That's so sweet of you to say. I do have Bloglovin', which is linked to at the top right of my page, but it's totally my fault for making it so hard to find :)