Tuesday, June 11


This is me, on Monday, miserable, and without makeup.
I got to eat lots of candy and toast at my mom's office.

I was planning on doing a huge post on cystic acne, I've been drafting it for some time now, and trying to make it super comprehensive. I'll have to edit it again. This past weekend life threw a wrench in my acne routine. The antibiotic I was prescribed to knock down the acne (which was doing a heck of a great job) may have induced lupus in my body.

Let me explain briefly: last Sunday I noticed my knees and elbows became swollen, red, itchy, and hot. Because this could have been an allergic reaction, I went straight to urgent care. Doctor said I should meet with a rheumatologist, and so I took off from work and did the next day. Rheumatologist said this could really be a classic case of antibiotic-induced lupus, or possibly lyme disease or arthritis. It felt crummy to hear the latter two.

I don't want to complain, people go through so much harder stuff every day. But I am the biggest baby when it comes to having blood drawn. I hyperventilated when the nurse couldn't find a vein after poking me 4 times and they had to bring in a different nurse to try. My arms are a little black and blue. I had to wait at my mom's office nearby afterward because I felt so dizzy. It was fun to sit at her desk and eat lots of candy and go through Avon catalogs.

I hope everything is okay. I feel foolish that something so vain as my skin might have put me through this discomfort. But I hope it's just that. Our skin has a way of making us feel like it's the ultimate reflection, it's what people look at the most! I say in my head. I'm already dreading my acne coming back without the medication, or how I'll be missing out on workouts while my knees rest. All for vanity. I must change the way I see these things!



  1. Oh girlfriend, preach. First, I'm so sorry you're feeling bad. I hope they identify it soon & you start to feel better. Second, I am right there with you on the skin thing. I have been seriously suffering for my adult life, finally going to try my 2nd dermatologist this month. Ugh. Good luck to us both :)

    1. Oh, Emily, isn't it the worst?! I totally would love any advice you have. I'm always kicking myself for not being a teenager anymore and still having to deal with this. xDana