Wednesday, June 19


Clockwise from top left: rearranged my room after I moved most of my stuff home; I finally managed to get mermaid hair by braiding it while it was slightly damp, sweeet; I normally don't take pictures of my food but I got this sweet, orange-y cinnamon raisin brioche for a couple of bucks from the day-old basket at my neighborhood bakery and it made the best french toast.

So this week's What I'm...Wednesday will be a little more free form. I'm finishing up my current position and am so ready to take some downtime before I start law school this fall! I also just wrapped up an arduous Boston apartment hunt. I was dreaming of living in the gorgeous, brownstone neighborhood of Back Bay, but came upon a much better option of Brookline. It's actually a town outside of Boston...literally 5 minutes from the border, and a 10 minute walk to class!

Also, a story: one of the brokers we met with (I went hunting with my parents, no shame in dat) brought us to a couple of different places and corresponded with us for days. And then in the end he backed out because he said he was afraid of leasing to a law student with a real estate lawyer co-signor (my dad, who has to co-sign because I am legally a student). I was like...dang...I should be insulted but I'm kind of flattered. If people are intimidated by me as a pre-law student, maybe I'll make a decent lawyer. But we were also super nice so now I'm just confused! Okay enough humblebragging.

This weekend I am venturing with about 30 other people to my friend Mallori's lakehouse, to celebrate our + our friend Heba's June birthdays. I've taken on the responsibility of bringing the "birthday cake," so since there will probably be no fridge space and a ton of people to clean up after, I'm thinking of foraying into the twee world of cake pops.

Which brings me to this national news: Betty Crocker is discontinuing their Rainbow Chip Vanilla Frosting?! I actually ate this straight from the tub as a child. There is something so uniquely sweet and creamy about this frosting. I am really sad about it.

I have a couple of cool announcements coming up soon, so yeah! Stick around. Pretty please. Also, as a kind reader has brought to my attention, I haven't advertised well that I do have bloglovin', so when google reader goes to internet heaven, you can follow me here!

Also, I am JONESING for this bag so hard right now. And this one. When did I become such a sucker for Tory Burch? But the prices, though, they are good.



  1. You're starting law school? Congrats! I just finished, and I'm studying for the bar (about the least fun you'll ever have). I actually strongly considered both BU and BC law, but ended up with a better financial deal at another school.

    Good luck!! And I found you on bloglovin :)

    1. Brittany, that's so cool! I bet you're crushing that bar prep! I keep thinking once I get through 1L life will be a breeze...but that's just because I'm not even THINKING about the bar right now, haha. I love hearing about other women in law--go you!