Wednesday, June 5


You'll find out below why I'm including old random photos. Just thought if I can't upload photos from this week I'd embarrass myself with some eccentric oldies.

Clockwise from top left: Megan picked out and made me hold my children at the American Girl Doll Store; Mallori and I posing for a hilariously fake magazine cover at NYFW; that time I used to dance (this was for a Molecular Biology, Biochemistry & Dance class); playing Mahjong one winter's eve, we decided to do the pouf and document.

Reading: baby blogs...way too many baby blogs; and today my co-workers brought in their sons, who happen to be the same age, and I felt that "baby fever" people talk about. I  mean, they were so cute! One of them said, "Let's be ninjas!" and the other responded, "Okay! My name will be KEVIN!" Have you ever heard of a ninja named Kevin?? I crumble from cuteness.
Eating: chocolate covered banana slices; so darn good. I made my own but you can buy them in stores, like the Dole Banana Dippers, which are also really delicious. I really have a love/hate relationship with ice cream (no dessert should have to be eaten with a race against the clock) but these satisfy that summer need for cool treats, with pretty decent nutrition!
Watching: Magic Mike tonight, for the first time. Don't laugh at me. It's about time, right? I also watched Garden State the other night and it brought me back to high school...and my days as a total hipster. I can remember being like, "I can't believe people think they know indie music just because they own the Garden State Soundtrack. Everyone knows The Shins. Somebody made me a mix tape (actually) with that on there like, years ago." I cringe at my younger self.
Making: a summer to-do list in my head; pool party, Italian Ice, festivals, city rooftop nights, Eataly, beaches, it goes on. Basically food, all the time, every day.
Listening to: my summer song, by the fabulous Ms. Mariah Carey! Ms. Mariah Carey-Cannon? Just love that it was also filmed at the amusement park I used to go to as a kid. Nostalgia! Summer! Ice cream! Playing outside until sundown! BBQs!
Wearing: sandals, dresses, cardigans; 9-5 yeah! I promise come vacation I will have more fun things to post outfit-wise. I work in a more conservative setting and change into gym clothes when I get home so there really is nothing to share here...moving on...are you accepting my excuses??
Thinking: I am the biggest DUMMY again; I used my cell phone when my hair was damp and now it won't turn! It's sitting in a bag of rice right now; back to home phones.
Loving:  summer color combinations; like, bright pinks with white, and soft blues with earthy accessories and lots of turquoise.


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