Wednesday, June 26


Clockwise from Top Left: flowers from my Supervisor for my last few days at work; relaxing with a leftover turkey sandwich after a very eventful weekend; chilling (har har) in my 90 degree apartment; too hot for covers.

Thinking: I am officially in stress mode. I do not do well with change. I love routine. I've talked about this before. So the fact that I am moving back to NY on Friday is making things very difficult for my sanity. Cue the 90 degree weather, and the lack of AC in my apartment. Tonight my parents are helping me move my big bed and mattress out, and I'll be sleeping on a little blow-up for the next couple of nights.

This weekend I had a wonderful time celebrating my, my friend Mallori, and our friend Heba's June birthdays. Mallori was gracious enough to host us at her lake house, and it felt kinda sad to leave and be the only one driving back home to CT, and not NY. Just a couple more days until I get to do the same! Then it will be a summer of DIY and everything creative I have been putting off for so long.


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