Tuesday, July 9


OMG. Life. Wow. Threw me for a loop these past couple of weeks for a variety of reasons.

Let's start with my return to NY. I <3 NY. It's great to be home and it's even better to see the familiar faces I love and missed so much. The unpacking was not ideal, and trying to feel settled while still having my end of the summer move to Boston in my mind made things even harder. My stomach is a little twisty on that one.

I've been having what my good pal Mallori and I call the "Summer of Hot Housewife Training." Since she and I have decided to stay home this summer, our days go something like this:

1. Wake up at 8AM and go to the gym. Cycling is my jam.
2. Check Tour de France updates. Mostly for David Veilleux.
3. Run errands.
4. Have a ladies' lunch.
5. Make dinner for family.
6. Watch a lot of Kardashians.
7. Go to bed by 10PM.

So yes, a very stimulating and intelligent schedule. Let me tell you, however, that Mallori is studying for the GRE, and I am still plugging away at law school materials, so we do have a purpose!

A lot has gone on, but I'll leave you with some photos of hanging at Mallori's by the lake. The 4th of July was incredible, and I felt super special on that day as it is the only day of the year I feel like my degree in Early American History comes in handy.

This is Mal's sweet friend, Michaela. She just started a blog, Life of a Lady Bear!

Mallori made me pose like this ;) Top is an old Hanes I cut up from high school and the skirt is a $12 Charlotte Russe find. Took me forever to find an affordable, decent, plain black maxi skirt with a high slit.

Hope you're having a great July. I'm trying to savor the summer days but they are going by so quickly. I've never, ever been good at living life in the present, but I am trying so hard to!



  1. Awh thanks Dana bear for the share!! You are the sweetest!