Wednesday, July 10


Clockwise from top left: sat in the sun two weekends in a row and still pale as HECK; my cousins visited and camped out in our backyard; Megan and I lounging in the pool.

Reading: More Jesus, Less Religion, by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton. As a Catholic, I try and go to Mass on the weekends, and even though it's very integral to my spirit, I feel like there is something lacking when I'm just going through the motions of tradition, or following "the rules" as the authors say. An interesting read.
Watching: Re-watched the Dark Knight Rises again...and again. SO GOOD.
Making: an effort to get DIY and Beauty features back on this blog.
Listening to: "Body Party" by Ciara. Ciara > Rihanna. There, I said it. Also, Future. Ciara said in an interview with Wendy Williams that this song is for, and I paraphrase, "a time when guys weren't afraid to slow grind with their girls at parties." Take that as you will, but I think that's cute.
Wearing: denim cutoffs...for the first time ever. I just DIY'd a pair last week and they are fun...I get the hype now. But they will never be denim underwear, aka, what my friend Lauren's mom calls "Coochie Cutters." Yikes!
Thinking: Can't wait to get to the beach. Cannot. Wait.
Loving: Peony Lim's New York. I have been jonesing to go to Shake Shack for forever! Oh, and Le Tour de France. I think I mentioned that last time...



  1. Coochie cutters? Hilarious. I love cut-offs! But I can never properly DIY a pair, they always end up messed up somehow.

    1. Brittany...if I could show you the pile of cut-offs I ruined...haha! So many. One ripped completely up the side.