Thursday, August 22


New York City is my favorite city in the world. Summer is a great season. Let's marry the two and make it good.

If you can't tell by my last post I'm head over heels for my law school but missing home. I think NYC is the greatest city in the world and living so close to it is a privilege. However sad I might be to be away from it, the city gave me a pretty wonderful sendoff I won't soon forget.

It's hard to put it all into words! I wrote before that my summer felt like it could be summed up by this strong memory: me, repeatedly driving home from Manhattan up the West Side Highway at 2AM, blasting Yeezus, being the only one winding by the Cloisters, passing the twinkling bridges in the night. I'd pull into the driveway of my quiet suburb to singing cicadas and get into bed and the next day it would happen again. Sweetly.

I checked several things off my NYC list, so here are just a few tips on where to go, even when it's not summer. P.S. It's still summer for a lot of you out there so take advantage of it!


1. The High Line

At a level about three stories up, the High Line offers a clearer view of gorgeous cityscape sunsets, while still being close enough to the street to people watch down below. The park is a long stretch of converted train tracks, and can be accessed from multiple points across the west avenues around 31st street and below. This particular spot around 16th street had me smitten, as it looked straight downtown for miles and miles.

2. Bryant Park

A park behind the grand New York Public Library, about two or so blocks tall and an avenue wide, it fits a plethora of people into a lovely little box of grass surrounded by cafe tables, a patio, and a carousel. It's probably my favorite standby spot in New York. I have sat there for hours on end, thinking about things and imagining the lives of the people around me.

3. Central Park

Forgo Sheep's Meadow and head to the Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park. There you'll find big rocks, the adorable Zoo, and a lovely vista of a carnival against the city backdrop. It'll be close to perfection.

4. Shake Shack

Da food! Burgers, dogs, and fries go beyond the basic, while still remaining true to an American simplicity (the prices reflect that quite well for NYC). I can speak highly of the Chicken Dog and Natural History Museum Concrete (a mix of chocolate custard, big chocolate truffle pieces, and chocolate chips). Go get your food at either the Upper West or Upper East side location, and walk it to Central Park.

5. Rockefeller Plaza

Home of the inspiration for 30 Rock and all things NBC, Rockefeller Plaza is pure media. You can take tours of the building or venture to the Top of the Rock (I should have!) or just hang out down below and peruse the shops (you can make yourself into a Lego at the Lego Store or let your BFF pick out your Bitty Baby children at the American Girl Store). Contrary to what some might believe, it's an all-year-round sight. I like the way the wind blows through the sparkly-lit plaza at summer dusk.

NYC adventures await you, I know I'll have more to share.



  1. Hi! I found your canopy picture from here: and I kept searching until I found the original site!

    Can you explain how you hang a curtain on a branch? I understand that for the two 3Ms, you could tie a small loop on a string and hang it like that, but I don't see how I could do it on a branch and not let the whole thing fall though the branch on that side (hopefully you understand what I mean? lol I'm bad at explaining)

    1. Hi there! I'm so sorry you had to hunt for the tutorial, I emailed Buzzfeed to link it and no response yet :( I totally understand what you mean. I very tightly looped the string around the branch several times, which did the trick, but cutting a notch in the top of or taping it would work well, too.

    2. Thank you! Another question, what size are the 3M you used? The ones I currently have hold 3 lbs. and I don't know if I should get a bigger one.

    3. You're so welcome :) I used the 5 lb. ones, but my curtains were on the heavier side. I erred on the side of caution, but if your curtains are light and less than 3 lbs. I wouldn't see a problem using them!

    4. I just did it today! It looks beautiful I wish I could show you (My roommate was jealous and planning to do one too). Thank you so much for the tutorial!

    5. How awesome! It's my pleasure! If you ever do upload it send it to my email dluciapellegrino(at)gmail(dot)com!