Monday, August 19


Next to the chapel

Law school is happening, for real, right now.

Made it to school last week, and it sure has been a trip. I moved into my new apartment on Friday, organized, ran errands and the like, and now it's the eve of my first day of Orientation. The campus is gorgeous. Very gothic and leafy with winding paths to all points. It's exactly what the movies tell you schools should look like.

I'm going to get to what every friend and family member is thinking about right now: yes, North Carolina is very different from New York. You're right, I miss New York. Life here is very different. I keep thinking to myself, in a matter of a week I went from driving home on the Manhattan West Side Highway at 2AM blasting Yeezus at full volume to driving 15 mph by Cracker Barrels and Waffle Houses on the Main Street. It's not to say one is better than the other. One is just what I'm used to and one is something new. People here are really friendly and eager to have a good and pleasant time. I'm not used to such community and it's great to experience it in what would usually be a competitive and intense setting. Regardless the background on my new laptop is Peony Lim grabbing a pretzel at a NYC food cart.

Another adjustment has been to my new apartment. Wow. I have never had a real walk in closet, my own bathroom, a functioning dishwasher, a garbage disposal, or central AC. This may seem superficial or maybe it's commonplace to you, but I am in awe. The complex I am in was built last May, so there is a sweet new pool and big gas grills next to it, too. I keep wanting to invite my best friends over but they are about 9 hours away by car :)

There will be a room tour up soon, and by nature I DIY'ed a desk with my dad so that needs to be shared. Hope you all are enjoying the end of your summers (I'm sorry to say that) and if you are returning to school, good luck and have fun.


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