Thursday, August 1


At the North Light with my Ma.

Those curveballs I might have mentioned a couple of posts ago? Well, they got even curvier.

I spent a good part of July on Block Island. My favorite place. It rained on and off, but I enjoyed the sun and the waves and the sky for most of it. The mornings were spent stressing over law school, trying to keep my mind focused while absorbing the present: how could I be so out of tune when I was in the same gorgeous place, my constant, for 23 years? It felt like my first real "adult" vacation. Not X-rated, just with my mind in more serious places.

August will bring me south, not north. The Boston Plan has been traded in and up for Durham, NC. This anxiety-ridden, over-analyzing, callous New Yorker will be in the land of Southern Belles and Gentlemen. I will talk about these things more in the coming weeks, when things are sorted out and life will be tough but on its way.


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