Tuesday, September 17


I am a 23 year old law student and this is who I tell my problems to

How a little reflection and a whole lot of feminine "charm" can turn the dreaded bad day around.

In kindergarten, I distinctly remember an assembly of sorts during which the teachers read us this book, Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The strange thing is, I think I so vividly remember sitting there because it was then that I realized that bad days were a part of life. That I had had bad days before, and that learning about them meant more would come. Heavy stuff for a five year old who thought things couldn't get much worse than not being able to be the mom when we played house or losing a Polly Pocket down the drain (I also stuck one up my nose once, hahaha).

Today was a day I definitely could have used this story time. I would have no qualms if someone sat me down and read me the story. In fact, how great would it be to drive down to the library and ask the children's librarian to do just that? But how I got here, you must laugh at. For one, my car got towed. And when I called the campus police to find out where it was, I was so overwhelmed I couldn't understand them. My good, sweet friend Allegra stuck with me and flagged down two police officers in their car. I let all my tears loose and they called a security pick-up truck to take us to where my car was, on another side of campus. Those poor people must deal with brats like me on the reg. But there was just so much welling inside of me, the universe couldn't avoid it.

How do you deal with bad days?



  1. What a nightmare! Why the heck did your car get towed? =( I'll read to you via skype next time and we'll get through it together- you, me, and Beary. =)

    Do you still have your Polly Pockets?

    1. It's a BS reason, of course. You, me, Beary on Skype. Now that is the best prescription for my depressing days. And my Polly Pockets are definitely in the barn. Timmy, we're playing it. xx