Saturday, September 14


Good morning, y'all. Like how the shadow gives me a half-mustache? Thought you would.

Aka, how to get the ink without making your parents (too) angry.

I've always wanted a tattoo. A sentimental, simple, small one. My BFF and I agreed on matching quatrefoils on the napes of our necks (the symbol in the photo), but since we live very far a part now, it'll be tough to get them done anytime soon.

The makeup line e.l.f. makes a wonderful, super waterproof eyeliner pen that you can use to draw on any temporary tattoo that your little heart desires. I've been trying out the quatrefoil on my wrist and sufficiently freaking out all the squares who think this'll be bad news for my career :) All I do is draw it on, and it stays until I scrub it off in the shower. Oh, and it's $2. For the pen. Not each one!

So let me know if you'll be drawing your crush's initials on your hip or making a star around your bellybutton. Maybe an ice cream cone under your eye? The possibilities!

Happy weekend, darlings.