Saturday, September 21


Yes, that is Michael Caine ;)

Praising the uniquely glamorous belle of the rock'n'roll ball.

If you don't know of Bianca Jagger, she was born Bianca PĂ©rez-Mora Macias, in 1940's Nicaragua, and has some incredible work with promoting Human Rights. She might be most famous for marrying that Harrry Styles look-a-like...what's his name...Mick Jagger. Together they made an incredibly glamorous couple that was rock-and-roll in a somehow understated way. Bianca didn't need to wear the absolute craziest outfits to get the attention we expect rocker-wives want to solicit. Bianca had her own style. A refined boyishness in a striking classic silhouette that was always offset by a touch of sex appeal. That, or something so incredibly girly it frothed like a breaking wave. Oh, and Halston everything.

She wore a long dress suit (and some fabulous cleavage) to her wedding with Mick Jagger

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