Wednesday, September 11


Before you read my post, I implore you to read, even if for just a minute, the names of those lost. 9/11 does not get easier for me. Living in the vicinity of NYC almost my whole life has tied me to that horrible day but we must revisit it in our minds so we can pay respect to those who deserve it.

Clockwise from Top Left: celebrating Allegra's birthday after classes and I am stuffing my face; a photo I unearthed of my Grandma in her modeling days; Campout '13 was a success; trying out a twisty braided half-do while unabashedly rocking my dark circles.

Reading: all about NYFW. Why am I not there...why. Don't answer that.
Eating: Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They're everywhere, in the supermarkets, convenience stores, Krispy Kreme stores themselves. They're big here. My waistline will be big soon, too ;)
Making: pancakes for Campout! Well, I made them with Allegra and Brittany and brought them to our friends who were baller and actually camping out. Campout is one of my school's traditions: the graduate students camp out to enter the lottery for basketball tickets. If you know that I'm in the South and go to school where basketball is huge, you know which school I go to, haha. The school provides food, music, movies, and whole bunch of crazy spirit. It's pretty awesome.
Listening to: if you didn't see it in my last post, this song is on repeat. Yes, Robin Thicke looks like a skinnier brunette Johnny Bravo in a Beetlejuice suit ;) but he can sing.
Wearing: the clothes that take the least amount of time to put on when I'm rushing in the morning. Someone told me the big difference in dress down here in the South is that the girls put together very proper outfits to go to class. I'm talking pencil skirts and peplum tops. To class. And I feel like a bum in cutoffs and a button-up. Let's not even talk about the full faces of makeup that I see. Jeez. Also, monogram everything? Pastel everything? I'm resisting. I just want to wear navy, white, black, and khaki like fall deserves!
Thinking: lawl school (as I call it) is tough, and I go through moments of pinching myself that I've made it here and kicking myself that I've made it here. I try not to complain, as some friends have reminded me, I made the decision to be here. But I think of all my friends at home and get homesick and wonder how I ever made it to a place so far to be by myself. How did I put myself in the car to move?! Often it's hard for me to wrap my head around it.
Loving: catching up with loved ones. I called my Grandma this morning and she assured me that although it's great that I made friends I should really be studying. So funny because if anyone knows my Grandma they know she likes to tell me to make friends since I "don't have any." Haha!


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  1. Hi Dana. I feel like that am seeing by my eyes American student life when I read your blog. It's fun! And I like your smile. :) Hope to enjoy your student life. (ps...Be careful about eating too much :)) Haha...