Wednesday, September 25


Clockwise from top left: is it weird that I am jonesing to wear bowties so much? They have the cutest combinations! Especially this Americana one; my lovely Allegra bought me and her matching 1D planners; a selfie from Bar Review, note the undereyes, haha, and ironically this was on my way to a 1D pregame; mini ice cream sandwiches are getting me through the days as sweet nightcaps.

Reading: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. I read A Call to Arms over the summer and really loved it (and far too identified with the lead female character, woah). When I can squeeze in a half hour of reading before bedtime, it is such a nice way to end the night. And everyone knows I'm a silly stickler for love stories.
Eating: those deadly mini ice cream sandwiches. The perfect treat! And so darn cute!
Making: my apartment a home. My roommate and I DIY'd a coffee table and media stand in mint and turquoise. Super fun, adds some good color to our black, brown, and grey apartment.
Listening to: the new Drake album, Nothing Was the Same. Not even close to touching Yeezus, but I'm liking some of the songs on there for sure. I think Track 7 is slowly growing in my mind, "I love me/I love me for the both of us."
Wearing: more fall clothes, but the same stuff that only takes two minutes to pick out when I'm running short on time in the morning. Cute outfits are saved for the weekends, if anything...yeah don't trust me on that one.
Thinking: I am so, so, so happy that my friend Mallori, her boyfriend, and their friends from Ireland are visiting me tomorrow on their way back up from a road trip. To have one of my closest friends and her funny lads come bring their good spirit to Durham will be wonderful. I already bought them gifts so that they remember our visit!
Loving: that even when my days are really rough and I'm not sure how I'm making it through them, a good word from a friend or a call to my family makes things so much better. The days are finally going by faster. I feel like I'm getting closer to being a real student here. In some ways I'm feeling more homesick than before, but nothing crippling. I know that more Skyping and FaceTiming will make it better!



  1. THAT PLANNER!! Does it come with The Wanted on it?? Also, what a cute bowtie! DIY hairpiece with that?

    1. I was thinking DIY hairpiece! Gotta think of that. And also keeping an eye out for a Wanted planner with your name on it ;)