Thursday, October 10


Wholly inspired by this IntotheGloss post. What if the sexy guy hair was your own?

My hair is inarguably the longest it's been in my whole existence. It extends beyond my waist (albeit my waist is pretty high, but still). It's butt-reaching hair. I haven't had it cut in over a year, but do "dusting' trimmings myself every other week. I'm growing it out to whatever the absolute longest length is (without running into cult territory), to eventually be donated.

When I inevitably cut my hair, I mean, let's be real, it has to happen because an associate with hippie hair does not a professional make, I want it to be a perfect length. It's also no secret to the world that ladies love a man with good hair. I mean longer, soft, floppy hair that can be perfectly flipped to rest as a sly fringe on a raised brow.

When I saw the IntotheGloss post, I had a realization: maybe I love guy hair so much because I want the guy hair...on my own head. Not like, to make a creepy wig out of it, but to have a cut that is similar (we're talking shoulder-length here, people). Here's also an excuse to look at some pretty uplifting photos of males.

Swoon. Happy Thursday.


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