Friday, October 18


The lipstick is more burgundy in life, by the way. This is important to the story.

How an abundance of Southern pastels turned back the clock on my beauty routine.

I've discovered the major difference between Southern and New England preppies: color choices. In the South, preppy means lots of pastel pinks, greens, and yellows, a standard set of pearls, and some pretty sandals. In the North, preppy is navy, beige, white, and hunter green (gotta be specific here), almost no jewelry, and maybe some LL Bean duck boots.

So how do we go from the topic of preppy to grunge? Well. I've mentioned it many times before on my blog: the Southern preppy aesthetic (for girls, duh) extends to impeccably applied, full faces of makeup. I mean: foundation, contoured eyeshadows, loaded blush and bronzer, all before 8AM. Don't even get me started on the perfectly smooth or curled hair. In the morning, I like to jump out of bed, grab my pre-loaded backpack, and head out the door. Makeup, I have no reasonable time for that. The pressure that you have to at least look like you attempted to be a Lilly Pulitzer of Charleston boutique assistant? With all due respect, Southern belles, that's not for me, but you keep on looking pretty perfect (and I mean it, they look beautiful).

This is where I come to appreciate the really simple New England makeup look. But for me that isn't polar enough from the Southern look. I decided to wear makeup again, but this time I went from a simple look to an even simpler, perhaps less ladylike look: the '90s, grunge, burgundy mouth, sparse eyes, messy hair, with some Cara Delevigne-inspired fluffy eyebrows mixed in. No pink blush, no multiple applications of mascara, no plucked brows, and no, no, no eyeshadow. Oh, and the perfect burgundy lipstick which of course photographs as light red. And darn it feels good. No word yet on whether or not Southern gentlemen will ever look my way again.


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