Friday, October 4


Rolling Stones Tee, Dad's; Cutoffs, DIY, Ex-boyfriend's jeans.

What could be more menswear than actually that?

I'm sitting at my desk getting ready to take my first final of law school in just an hour. I chose this outfit because it is my ultimate long hair don't care type of get-up. The tee is from the actual concert my dad went to a long time ago (sorry, dad). He's lived a much more exciting life than I. Proof: he's in Las Vegas right now sending me photos of giant candy dispensers, with the caption: "We got to the Sugar Factory. You pay and they let you turn the candy container faucet with your mouth under it." Not true.

The shorts were jeans that my ex-boyfriend wore before we met. I have to add in that last part. In his words, he went through a "tight jean phase" that consisted of lots of J. Crew size 6 bootcuts (not your typical tight jeans, right). Perfect for destroying...into a pair of cutoffs.

For the F/W collections, designers, bloggers, media, always talk about menswear and "borrowing from the boys." How many of us, raise your hands, actually like to wear boxy, pinstripe, suit separates? Not I. When I borrow from the boys, it's really because I'm feeling down to earth and a little bit lazy and want that casual but cute-because-it's-a-bit-oversized look.


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