Wednesday, October 2


Sundress, thrifted, $6.

Summer's not over and I want to hop on the Fall Bandwagon like everyone else.

Thinking: Everyone is coming up with these "fall" posts. I can bet you there's a line in there about leaves. Changing colors, falling on the ground. Yup. I'm stuck in summerland. It's not as pretty as you think it might be. It's over eighty degrees and yet my school frowns upon wearing shorts to class. They're not professional enough? So I wear jeans and sweat it through the construction dust and drive home in my hot car and look outside and yes, it still looks like summer. The constant reminder.

I pick up on the change everyone talks about with the new season. I want that change so badly that I compulsively check the weather to find if the temperature will drop tomorrow, even just a little bit. I don't want to be stuck in summerland, it only reminds me of the actual summer, because for me it's still here and present in my physical space and mind and all I want to do, really do, is forget about it.

In my life right now I just need a big, cashmere, cableknit, wrap sweater. To feel the weight of it around my shoulders and assure me that when it really does get cold, I'll still be alive and warm.

Sorry for the sappy posts. If you need reason, go back a few.


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