Wednesday, October 9


Clockwise from top left: last real pool day of the year, good riddance; absolutely enamored with the hair at Dolce & Gabbana S/S14; a shameful selfie after filling in da' brows a la Audrey; my sweet friend bought me a pumpkin candle to cure my heartbreak.

Reading: lots of cases for my first real Memo assignment, which is due in a week and a half. This next week is our writing break and we're supposed to buckle down and work on it day after day. I was under this impression, but noooo, everyone else is going away and tickets are too expensive now to fly home. So I'll be catching up on TV (and working for the week...uh huh).
Eating: okay, maybe I'm not eating it yet, but I have been really jonesing to try actual Southern food. Biscuits, BBQ chicken, more biscuits? Biscuit chicken sandwiches? Biscuits with eggs? Biscuits with honey butter? This is how the South can come closer to winning my heart.
Making: something over break! I need to. I haven't DIY'd in so long and my goal is to post at least one this week. Pinky promise!
Listening to: Drake's new album, Nothing Was the Same, still. I get into the vibes of hip hop albums and let them run through my head for extended periods of time. Also, this playlist from Into the Gloss is pretty solid. Emily Weiss is just really, really cool. And so New York.
Wearing: finally, FINALLY, wearing sweaters and my favorite New England-y L.L. Bean hunter green puffer vest. It's making me miss New England more than New York at times, just because New England is just the absolute gorgeous-est during the fall. My godmother invited me to stay at her country house in New Hampshire and I would give so much to be able to go. You can drive through the patchwork-colored mountains and mist and it is just so gorgeous.
Thinking: there was a beauty collaboration I started over the summer and never went through with. I need to make that happen, and hopefully share it with you all soon!
Loving: visualizing the end of the semester. Coming home, enjoying the holidays, seeing friends and family. Like, the most utterly simple things. But just being done with this first semester. I can't wait.

Hope everyone is having a good hump day. I'd also like to know if any of you have self affirmations to share? It sounds silly but I've been trying to do those to keep things from getting too down and out, you know?



  1. He doesn't deserve your feelings of heartbreak. That is my self-affirmation to share.