Wednesday, October 16


The self affirmations are working, I'm back to having one person dance parties, and daytime television is giving me strength. It's what I'm up to this Wednesday.

That's my tad hyperbolic self affirmation right there. Yes, it is so cheesy, but it helps me feel better if I make my life seem like a good story.

I love keeping it real with my no makeup in-hibernation-to-write selfie.

Reading: and writing almost nonstop all week for my first serious assignment due this Monday. I'm in absolute hibernation mode.
Eating: Eggo Pumpkin Spice Waffles. Oh dear seasonal treats. These are the BEST. I was with Allegra at Target when I saw them and made her jump from my squeals of delight!
Making: a post about how I DIY'd my desk, as soon as I'm finished with my assignment. Remember I promised!
Listening to: this chill song, "It Won't Stop," by Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown (interesting name). I'm not a Chris Brown fan, but this song is quiet and smooth and the chorus is just such a good melody.
Wearing: my go-to New England staples, like cute American Apparel hoodies under LL Bean vests...which I thought was cute. But then my roommate told me all I needed was "a trashcan and a fire." Aka I looked homeless? I will not understand Southern style/do not ever want to.
Thinking: about going places with my BFF, Meg. We were looking at beach houses in Nova Scotia to decompress at over my winter break. Leave it to BFFs to take what would have been a really depressing time and make it something empowering to look forward to.
Loving: Halloween everything. I need a good costume idea, though. Suggestions more than welcome!


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