Monday, November 25


Eugghh. Every time I get a cold I suddenly remember how awful it is to have one. As much as I can't stand the snot factory, stuffiness, nasal pressure, watery eyes, and nose runny-ness that drips onto my pants (so embarrassing, and this actually happened to me today), the absolute worst part is not being able to taste food. I even ate a bunch of Red Hot Blue spicy tortilla chips and I didn't even have to fan myself like I normally do. Well, let me at least show you how to kick it cold-killin'-style.

So this is how I deal with the inevitable seasonal cold: Cepacol Throat Spray, for a sore throat, because it is much more effective than sucking on lozenges all day, which really only taste good; Afrin Nose Spray to break up stuffiness, but read the directions carefully on here, since you have to use it sparingly or else it will have an adverse effect; Advil Cold & Sinus, which is the absolute best cold medication I have ever used, hands down; and for the beauty side of it all, Weleda Skin Food, my gold standard for ultra-moisture and getting rid of the redness that comes from attacking your nose with tissues all day; and Avene Retrinal Soothing Eye Contour eye cream to tone down my puffiness and relieve some of the sinus pressure. You can find the Avene eye cream on beautystoredepot, where you can use my special discount to get 25% off your order! Cha-ching.

For good measure, I personally down a bottle of...wait for it...Emergen-C daily, until my cold goes away. This is not really proven, but I feel like it helps to shorten my cold and lessen the intensity overall. That could also be entirely in my head! If you have a cold, feel better! We students are so prone to them and it's important to take care of ourselves xx

*My little disclaimer is that these products work for me, but consult your physician or a pharmacist before trying out new products. I once gave a sick hallmate some Sudafed and he had to go to urgent care because it upped his blood pressure and heart rate! Everyone is different!


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