Friday, November 15


From top left: my first chicken and biscuit from Bojangles; laziest outfit snap at the mall, sweater, Gap, thrifted, $3, boyfriend jeans, old, $20; boat shoes, Sperrys, $25, scarf, Old Navy, $4; Tory Burch tunics on sale at T.J. Maxx for about $70 each.

Busy bee busy bee. Slap my wrist and sit me on the naughty step for not writing more! I really want to. It's almost T-minus one week until I come home for Thanksgiving! I'll be doing mostly finals studying while I'm there but I am so looking forward to seeing my family. I told them they are going to laugh when they see how long my hair is...I realized when I was talking with my friend Naina the other day that this is the longest I've ever been away from home. In college I would come home almost every month for some family event or to see my friends, since it was only an hour and a half away. Luckily, an "arctic freeze" made its way to North Carolina this week and I have a bit of that Northern chill to hold me over! I love love love it. Scarves and sweaters with collared shirts tucked under, oooh, it makes me so happy. I miss writing and can't wait for finals to (actually start) and be over so I can go back to semi-normal life again. How are you doing? What have you been wearing lately to welcome winter? What is your advice for flying? I'm flying for the first time by myself in a week or so and am a bit nervous! Also, I included the photos above from my nice little shopping excursions that I treat myself to every several weeks. Retail therapy is REAL, haters! Even if you don't really buy anything ;)


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