Saturday, November 9


Jean jacket, thrifted, $3; Scarf, thrifted, gifted; Striped maxi dress, Free People, thrifted, $11.

My good camera is out of commission for a bit but I was liking my strange pulled-togetherness. It's not often now that I take the time to look presentable. My outfit is actually in the spirit of my alma mater's school colors, and today was our biggest game of the season. Quite appropriate (even though we lost, it was our best season in decades). I went to brunch with the girlies today and afterward Naina and I went to see the charming new movie, About Time. Ohh, did it break my weak little heart. But in a good way. That's not a spoiler, mind you, it was heartbreaking because it was so lovely! Go see it xx


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