Wednesday, November 20


My dad overnighted me a special NY box before Halloween, mostly filled with fresh bagels!

Anywhere but here. As in NC. It's what I'm up to this Wednesday.

Oh, I'm such a sourpuss. Don't mind me. But chances are if you're still reading this blog you don't mind me. Or maybe you're hate-reading my blog. I can only imagine. Of course home is always on my mind and it's just tough being so far away. The picture above doesn't do the NY box justice. It was filled, FILLED with bagels. In every kind you could ever want. Fresh, NY bagels, straight to my door, thanks to my dad. Also some study snacks to hold me over :)

In other news, tonight I decided not to go home for Thanksgiving. Guh. It hurts. I was going to fly home this Monday but since law school is eating up every last bit of my life, I just can't. My finals are less than a month away and if I go home I just won't get any work done. This is the longest I have ever been away from home, let alone from seeing my family, so it's tough. I now know what a luxury it was to always be within an hour and a half of home (and a half hour from the's strange being this inland)!

Took this last summer of Block Island, my favorite place, my second home. Life on the coast is good.

I feel the need to apologize for not writing good content for this blog. I want to write beauty reviews, post DIY projects, and just talk about student advice-y things. But when I'm not doing schoolwork I'm usually going to bed. And going to bed means the only entertainment/hobby stuff I can fit in is watching little youtube beauty videos. I'm especially partial to the lovely Sprinkleofglitter. I kind of pretend I'm her friend and British and cool like that.

So I won't be home until more than halfway through December. Thanksgiving might be my favorite meal of the year, but Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday. I have that to look forward to. In the meantime I do think I'll post some more stuff this week, since I'll have more time on my hands (aka trying not to go crazy).


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