Sunday, January 5


Sweater, Club Monaco, thrifted, $3; Jeans, H&M, $20; Desert Booties, Target, $15.

Going back to North Carolina on Wednesday and all I want to do is stay in New York, of course. My blog is like my little New York love song on a broken record. Of course, as I posted earlier, it didn't take me long to go back to navy and black. Oh, and to cut three inches off my untamed mane! But another thing I find at home is that girls are not afraid to wear baggier clothes. I have to say I love loose-fitting tapered jeans. These light ones from H&M are so perfect. I love light colors in winter as much as I love a good navy, and I think they come off pretty feminine despite the boyfriend fit. Feminine doesn't have to be pearls, no? One thing is for sure, I'm betting on some strange looks when I get back to school. But seeing my friends I've missed is all that matters xx


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