Monday, January 20



So one of the perks to being frazzled and unorganized is constant inspiration, right?? Not so much. I started my second semester of law school last week and it has been a real doozy. Assignments are already piling on, summer job searches are weighing on my conscience, and reading reading reading is always to be done.

It's not so bad being back in the South. I've resolved to be less of a grandma and see my friends more, which has been really quite nice. I went to my first basketball game this past weekend and had a wonderful time. It's exciting to be somewhere that has an almost overwhelming school spirit.

On the other hand, part of the competitive nature of law school is getting to me. I'm certainly nowhere near the forerunners of my class, and I really never have been, or wanted to be. I've always been more than content going for "personal best," rather than "better than the rest." I have the tendency to put things off in my head that really stress me out. They're never really work-related. It's more of the errand-y stuff. That's one of my biggest weaknesses. I transfer the school stress into silly procrastination--aka, I haven't returned my rental textbooks from last semester and was charged a late fee. Returning them is on the long list of to-do's today, but behind working on a writing assignment and reading a lot of Constitutional law. That's where it gets lost.

January is known as the slump month. When I worked in restaurants, January was always the slowest time of year. Some days we'd only have about 15 reservations on the books (where on a normal day, it would be around 70, at least). People just hibernated and didn't want to come out. I get that. But winter is also pretty important. All the stress of starting this semester and the cold and everything, it's not that bad. It's good to see life in all forms and to experience times that remind you of the way we all bend to the seasons.


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