Thursday, February 13


Coat, Gap, $60; Heattech Leggings, Sporthill, $25; Hunter Snow Wellies, $25.

School is tough but canceling school is tougher. The makeup days pile on and then work gets crunchier. North Carolina is having a bit of a snowpocalypse at the moment! I had to leave my car at a cafe and walk home the other day because the roads were so bad. I just got back from picking it up again, and gave it a big hug when I saw it. There have supposedly been over 700 car accidents in the area since the snow started on Wednesday. When I left my car I saw cars zig-zagged across the roads and in pile-ups. How crazy! And it's snowing a lot in New York, too. Sure enough I have a strong case of cabin fever, though. Funny that procrastinating seems to be the remedy?! How have you been doing? Any good Valentine's Day plans?


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