Monday, March 10


This is my crazy at my desk for too many but not nearly enough hours face. Note the beauty vlog distraction.

I don't want to stop blogging, I really do love it and it's a great feeling every time I publish a post. Like a little dose of "whee!" Law school is unsurprisingly still kicking my arse, more as of recent. Last semester was all about acclimating, especially to the new region. This semester gives no apologies or room for comfort adjustments. On top of finding a summer job (I thank my lucky stars to be in NY this summer), career prep is gearing up and our biggest writing assignment is due in a couple of weeks.

Seeking comfort in the fetal position at Target on a mac 'n' cheese beanbag.

This week is our "Spring Break." Last time we had a break I spent it here working, but I'm breaking it up this time (no pun intended, har har) for my mental health, you know? So I'll be glued to my desk until midweek and then off to Savannah with my best girl pals here for what should be a lovely (and raucous) time. I've never been anywhere but here in the South so hello, more comfort and hospitality!

The last hurrah before our break was spent tailgating for the big game. Now you know where I go!

So please hold on while I get my life back in order! Once my writing assignment is done I'll be getting a grip on life again. I've seen some of my pins go crazy on pinterest and if anyone clicks over and sees my latest posts I'm certain I look super boring! But I promise you, I'm least 20% of the time, hehe. As an aside to show you how super kewl I am, I just finished True Detective and it is absolutely one of the best shows of all time (despite the fact the finale pretty much scared my pants off). Are you enjoying the McConnaissance as much as I am?

Also I've been exploring more food down here and it is so good! This pizza is pretty solid for outside NY!

Hope your week is off to a good start. I'll be enjoying this 70 degree weather for ya'. And working on perfecting my scissor-struggle when it comes to cutting pizza.


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