Sunday, May 11


This is me, post-finals, mid-project, Sunday morning, no makeup, little bit of light. I don't post all that many photos of myself to this blog (at least I think so...) but I know curiosity abounds and you might be wondering what I look like. Most days, heck, all days, I wake up with messy hair that has absolutely no idea how to evolve sans flyaways. I wear dresses to the library so I can jostle around in my chair and sweaters to combat the North Carolina indoor temp of 65 degrees. Pearl studs (fakes from H&M) have become my go-to, my Southern detail.

I took this photo myself because, ahem, *someone* told me I needed to change my profile picture on social media and I wanted something more, hmm, straightforward, now that I'll most likely be searched for jobs and such.

Homesies next week! Can't wait to put my arms around all those I miss so much. I might be living in Manhattan, if all goes well, so that should be very exciting.


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