Wednesday, September 24


Let's get this out of the way: I am no basic B. Never have been, never will be. That might sound a bit forward or cocky, but it's the truth. However I am first to admit, I definitely share in the basic "OMGFALL" pathos as we move from September into October. I'm still griping like I did a year ago about how this Southern weather extends summer way past what should be fall, but hey, I'm still in the spirit.

The picture I posted above is exactly what fall is to me! Fall isn't exactly country; it's deep, dark, and luxurious. It's like imperial Russia. Hahahah. But seriously.

Fall makes me want to put on a gown and a sweater, and then top it off with a big faux fur and some nice gold jewelry. Then I want to go eat inside somewhere fancy and have the big faux fur sit ornamentally on my shoulders. While I like to be simple and beachy during the summer, fall and winter provide the best opportunity to get heavy. I can't do the riding boots/cable socks/tucked in jeans/sweater/beanie, sorry. Plus, well, if fashion is an escape...take me away.

You know I had to bring up the dark lip.


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