Saturday, September 6


Being a big girl means only getting a weekend of summer vacation, but Block Island is always the best.

Who knew I would take a year-long hiatus? Oh yeah, I think everyone except for me...

I started law school last year. Law school. Not high school, not college, but law school. Two words that elicit smirks and lots of anxiety, a mixed bag of reactions depending on who you're talking to.

I know I made the right decision coming to law school, and I hate how cheesy that sounds. I've wanted to be a lawyer since I was in elementary school. I finally have a path of employment secured, which makes my loans a little less loud in my head.

But I still have to spend the next two years here in North Carolina continuing school. And that is hard.

My cousin is having her baby shower today, and it's a lovely co-ed one, meaning everyone is welcome to attend. And I am here, stuck in my little apartment swarmed by humidity and cheerful skies but no family. I can go downstairs to the pool and do my readings and not complain, but sometimes I just want to be home.

I worry about all the things I will miss being here. The good and the bad. Law school is both cruel and wonderful in that if you secure your path of employment by your second year, you don't have to pressure yourself as much. But then again...after all that work, you still have to wait two years to really begin that path. I know next summer I will be in NYC again (woohoo!) and working on that but I am just so impatient.

I want to revitalize this blog. I know have a bit more time in my life again to work on it, and I am really quite thrilled about getting back into it. But the truth is, I really need it for my sanity, too. Yesterday I was talking with my boo about "recharging." Being in law school takes a lot of "me time" away and replaces it with homework and studying and researching and whatnot. Whatever time you have left, you try to see friends and be social. But at the end of the day, you need that "me time," too. My boo likes to sit on the couch and travel the internet, and sometimes I feel lonely and lame but I have to make an effort to give him that time apart. I like to spend time with my family or engage with creative projects and blog about it. Since in North Carolina I can only do one of those things, I'm going to do it.

So to whoever is still reading, Hi.


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