Wednesday, September 10


Please excuse the 6 hours of sleep puffy face.

So I told you in my last post that I want to start blogging again. I thought it might be good (for me) to explain where the heck I've been for the past year+ and maybe give a little insight into the life in the law (law students will get that pun).

I've always been a blog reader. Like, always always. When I was in middle school I followed the fake Barbie blogs (too old? oops). They basically put out a line of "real cool girls" and some were artists and writers and had their own blogs with DIY projects on them. You can see the evolution beginning. High school was following fashion blogs as they came into being, as well as fashion tumblrs and livejournals (whaa?) and such (anyone ever read fashin)?

In college, perhaps in revolt against my hyper-liberal environment, I started following Mormon blogs. Yup, I'm going to paint with a broad brushstroke here: Mormon blogs. Basically, I was intrigued by women my own age doing something entirely different with their lives; raising families, staying at home, etc. Not "ew different" but "cool different."

So by the end of college I started this blog. People had been telling me to share thrifting secrets, DIY shortcuts, and the like, so I thought hey why not. I really truly enjoy sharing these things. Never did I have too much direction other than keepings things luxe without the big bucks. But getting picked up by sites such as Buzzfeed felt great, and I knew it made me happy just to have my own space that people also liked to come to, too.

Enter: law school. Scary. Overwhelming. Unbelievably stressful. Well, maybe not unbelievably. It was everything I had expected. But I denied it would take away blogging time. And then the posts trailed off...

Above, I included a photo of me at my desk this morning. Frankly it's where I spend a lot of my time. I've gotten six hours of sleep. Not restful sleep, either. I woke up for an early morning class, threw on clothes, and got out the door within 10 minutes. Got to class, did journal work (no, not the personal diary kind), went to a speaker series, and just got home. I don't even have class the rest of the day, but there is much to be done: 75+ pages of reading, cleaning my apartment, celebrating one of my BFFs birthday, writing up notes, sending emails, working out, mentally preparing for a full day of class tomorrow...and aiming to get more than six hours of sleep tonight!

Basically, and I may have said this before, law school is an exercise in never being caught up. You will never be caught up in law or law school. You will always be behind, and it's how far you let yourself get behind, or, how good you are at being behind, that makes the difference.

So take this stress and multiply it by x1000, and that was my last year. It was worse. By so much. I didn't know if I'd get a summer internship or a job and classes were way tougher and more competitive. I finished a wonderful dream internship over the summer (spoiler: I can now say it was with Tory Burch's legal team), and am now employed for next summer at a truly engaging firm, which means great things for my future. The crushing pressure just got a little lighter.

So that's where I've been. Trying to make every ~law dream come true~ and work hard at it. It pays off. Because now I get to blog again, too. xx


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