Sunday, November 2


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! My good friend Naina and I dressed up as Tropicana Girls (her great idea, not mine, as I am the worst at thinking up good costumes)! The law school celebrated Halloween a day later, so we got an extra hour in for daylight savings time. At some point during the festivities, I yelled over a coffee table of late night nachos, "I thought it was 1AM an hour ago!" Smart, sober cookie.

Naina's insta, not mine. Thanks Naina!

Naina and I actually made the headdresses from scratch! It took a lot of green duct tape, fake flowers, and energy (money, too, sadly, for a broke B like me), but it was so fun. Probably the only time I will ever un-self-consciously wear a "flower crown." Ish was heavy, though!

What else has been going on in my oh-so-exciting life?

Thanks again, Naina!

We went to the North Carolina State Fair! It was a nice study break. Of course, since it is The South, there was your tried and true fried food PLUS lots of great BBQ. Things consumed by our group: fried oreos, a frozen banana, a BBQ sundae, a BBQ plate, two BBQ sandwiches, french fries, fried oreos, and potentially other things our bodies were upset at us for.

At the beginning of last month was the law school's Fall Cocktail event, it's a really fun night because friends are the best and so is dressing up. I did my getting ready ritual of taking 2 hours and applying falsies, which Justin thought was hilarious. It went like this:

What's wrong with your eyelashes?
They're...coming off.
Oh, dang, let me know if that happens again.
Yeah, please let me know if that ever happens to mine!

But really if I had the money I'd buy those semi-perm mink wispies and flash 'em all day long in class. Real good investments, people! Also: CHRISTMAS!


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