Thursday, December 11


I may have gotten so predictably excited when I saw snow on the forecast here in North Carolina. Winter dressing is super fun, we all know that. No snow yet, though. Just finals. And finals. And finals. And then home.

When I'm home up North, I want to look sleek and wear black and navy and grey and cream. Down here, it's fun to be a little more colorful. That still doesn't mean pastel, y'all.

I think I get to have more casual fun down here because I'm still a student. But there is still an art to looking casual and put together.

How spot on is this look above? Nice straight jeans, awesome sherpa, and I definitely had those adidas in pink when I was in middle school (I still have them, actually, and am going to grab them when I go home soon, yah). This is casual done absolutely perfectly. It's kind of like a better Patagucci look. I really don't see how this is much less comfortable than leggings and an oversized drop-shoulder long-sleeve t-shirt (what are those and why is everyone wearing them)? Nonetheless when I eat a lot I have to secretly unbutton my high-waisted jeans at the table. So there's that.


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