Saturday, January 24


My little stuffed Buddy.

Last week, J and I took an afternoon walk to a cafe around the corner from his apartment. It is part-cafe, part-deli, part-supermarket, part-bakery, part-gift store. Well, more like gift emporium, 'cause it's huge. Parker + Otis is basically a hip hoarder's heaven.

While I will be honest and say that I find the food there just alright, it is one of my favorite places in Durham to grab a snack and walk around. It is really fun to peruse with a friend. I pulled the photo below from Bing, and it perfectly encapsulates the quirky-hip goodies they have nestled along the walls of the cafe.

Did I mention they sell a ton of Rifle Paper Co. swag? Also lots of gorgeous, matte posters you can frame for your walls. I've even seen some of my favorite NYC goodies down here! Like Eleni's Cookies.

Below is your standard Parker + Otis fare. They have simple, on-the-smaller-side sandwiches w/ fruit or slaw. It is a bit pricey, ~$7-$10, including no sides other than the aforementioned, so, not quite student-friendly. But then again slaw is pretty popular here so I'm likely in the minority opinion and people would probably find this filling.

Okay, maybe I still want a sandwich...but no matter what, if you end up going, you'll be set with a cup of coffee, a couple of truffles, and reminiscing over all the fun old toys, artisan groceries, and peppy stationery.


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