Thursday, January 8


Here's a short recap of the past couple of weeks, mostly while I was home for winter break.

I miss my boyfriend's dog! He's a Portugese water dog, entirely mischievous, and terribly cute. I've never really had a pet, and thus have been largely apathetic toward them, but this one is different. Thanks for listening. Just had to get that off my chest...

After an awful flight cancellation + luggage loss at La Guardia on Sunday, I made it back to Duke last Monday with only about an hour to spare until my Winter Session started!

Here we are having fun at La Guardia! Waiting for lost luggage despite the fact that our flight was canceled and the luggage never left the airport!

Anyway. So winter break is over. Spring classes started for realsies today, and I was in school from 8AM until 5PM. Tired. Came home and stuffed my face with BBQ kettle chips. Yess. Also cold. It's real feel 6 degrees down here! Insert snarky comment on not bargaining for this down South. But people were walking to and from school today in light jackets...complete denial. It's our first bar night of the semester and my friends and I are too cold to even leave our apartments! Hahah. We will show off our Christmas present outfits another time.

Speaking of, the Holidays were great! My favorite time of the year by far.

Our tree this year was massive! I mean the biggest one yet! A full 12 ft. tall. So dreamy and twinkly. Le sigh. My dad was upset I took this picture when some of the lights were out toward the bottom of the tree. Oops.

I got to see many pals! My BFF Megan and I went karaoke-ing. She's amazing. Can you tell?

You bet I had my fill of NY specialties. The above was your classic NY deli creation: blackened chicken, fresh mozzarella, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. A little Pellegrino to boot ;) Perfection! You guys, there are no delis down here at Duke, so bear with my fangirling.

Pizza and bagels made many appearances over my winter break as well. I'd like to do a NYC food post. I'm the girl who Yelps all meals. I think if you're in Manhattan, it is such a waste to get bad food and so easy to look up something great! I have my favorites.


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