Wednesday, February 11


Here's a still from this past weekend; J and I went skiing (my first time!) in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ohhh, so pretty. My part of North Carolina is flat...and smack dab in the middle of a 3-hour drive to either the coast or the mountains.

So off we went to the mountains this time around! It was great to escape schoolwork for a day, and staying in the most adorable (and affordable) airbnb let us really pretend we were far away from school.

The house (we got the second floor) was so perfect and cozy...and it was at the end of a dirt road and on a creek, so when we arrived at night, J point-blank asked me if I had taken him there to swim with the fishes. No no, J-dawg.

The night we arrived we had the best little Southern meal at a sweet spot called Proper. It was candlelit, with a big ol' fireplace and books in the dining room.

It was so good, y'all. In a nod to my lonely Thanksgiving, I got turkey, roasted potatoes, stuffing, and...hushpuppies. Hah. Justin got the short ribs, of course. Meat eater meat eater! My meal was only $12, so I call that a steal!

Here's a considerably awkward selfie of J and I in our ski gear! It was quite the last-minute patchwork of clothes--I ran to Goodwill and Target hours before our ETD and then stopped at Kohl's halfway through our 3-hour drive. At Goodwill I found Patagonia waterproof pants for $3! And got a lil' ski parka for $12 at Target. J found a ski shell at Kohl's for $40 and we threw together some hats, gloves, vests, and long underwear. I used an old $5 Michael Kors snood (Loehmann's, I miss thee) and it kept my neck super warmsies!

J took this photo from the top o' the mountain; I obviously wasn't there, hahah. I spent most of the morning "mastering" the Bunny Slope, and made it onto the Green Trail by myself by the afternoon! But no black diamonds for get the joke.

Another silly video still above ^^ I think I'm saying, "I'm gonna go backwards!" Although this photo looks more "look back at it" than "go back down it..." if, er, that makes sense..?

After another long drive back to school, saying goodbye to the mountains, and sweet non-school solace, we ended our weekend with a solid meal at one of Durham's chill spots, Rue Cler. Beignets were ordered seconds within arrival.

So, to up my skiing status, I'm going back this weekend! J and I, along with his friends, will be trying two other mountains, so wish me luck! I hope to "master" the Green Trails...and by that I mean, if I make it down a Green Trail without slowing down 10 times, I'll call it a win.


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