Monday, March 9


Gimme a second to brag here: I had the opportunity to go to Florida, the Cayman Islands, and on a cruise, but I chose the Northeast. A reverse Spring Break, I think. Yes, I have had daydreams of warmer Spring Breaks lost by the beach, study guide in hand, getting work done while bronzing. But why do that when you can feel the zing! of ten degree weather on your face. And get way less work done while you catch up with family (aka gab dusk 'til dawn).

So, the last few days have been spent in New York, and then Massachusetts, by the ocean at Horseneck Beach. Too pretty!

My family friend, Marie owns a house on a little compound nearby, and it is friggin' cozy as all heck. Like as cozy as a little snug bug in a rug.

Her house is outfitted with the most gorgeous textiles; she works in interior design. My big feets enjoyed the plush rugs ;)

She has a little kitty named Jackie, and she is too cute. I had such a lovely weekend walking through the snow, seeing the ocean, eating lots and lots of goodies (Girl Scout cookies, cappucino cake, wings, mac'n'cheese, margherita pizza, etc.), and just remembering that life exists outside of law school. Suffice to say we self-centered law students don't take this daily dose of reality!


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