Sunday, March 1


Here's a little Sunday update from my bed. There is an ice storm outside, and after a week of intermittent classes and almost six inches of snow, I'm ready to hole up. I guess a lot of people would go cabin fever/stir crazy, but I just want to continue digging a dark hole to inhabit and sleep in. It sounds so depressing--maybe I've been internalizing all my divorce reading from Family Law--but I'm just tired is all!

This week involved a lot of cooking, so props to J and I for doing that. I usually let him convince me to grab food downtown, but lately I have really been pushing back. We made some solid omelettes and the best homefries ever; homefries doused in butter AND oil (family recipe) w/ some habaneros, lots of onion, and adobo. I put adobo on everything. The snow was probably more of the incentive to stay in and cook, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Wednesday/Thursday my classes were canceled due to the snow, so when given the chance to go out Friday night for our school's Barrister's Ball, we went all out.

Kate Moss for Topshop dress, old, $25; Nine West heels, thrifted new, $5; Tory Burch clutch and belt.

Pals! Despite trudging through the snow in heels, and eschewing any stockings or tights, we all stayed warm dancing and mingling and laughing, as usual. I can't help but cringe looking at my face in the photo above! I was really happy to see everyone that night, and yet I can't wipe off the unenthusiastic half-smirk. Dana!! Get it together!

Also, note my dress for a sec, it was my prom dress! Let me set the stage for you...I was 17, it was dead of winter in NYC, I had just finished up my industrial sewing weekend class at FIT (cool kids central duh), and ran over to the Barney's Warehouse Sale (adults shop there!! i totally saw leigh lezark!! jk). After waiting on line for what seemed like forever, in the snow, I got in and there was an entire rack of Kate Moss for Topshop dresses for me (in the key of dramatic teen) to try on. My little obnoxious hipster self was exalted to heaven. A bevy of cute dresses no one else would have, since at the time Topshop was only really selling in the UK and the Kate Moss line was a limited release at Barney's. I remember proudly carrying the dress all the way home on the train, and feeling so cool being one of the only girls with a short dress to wear to prom. Wow, I was a loser, I know...thinking I was so anarchical for a higher hem. Anyway, it got good use last night with one of my Tory Burch belts. And unlike when I wore it the first time around, I actually accompanied it with brushed hair!

^PROM '08 PHOTO. OMGG it hurts so bad to look. Megan looks wonderful but someone should have pulled me over at the DUI stop in front of the prom venue to check on me. No sober person should look that shabby. But of course I did. Sooo bad.

Bringing things back 'round, I'm sitting with my Himalayan kitten Jeff (stuffed, and named after the Southern musician), alternating between reading a Teen Vogue I got for free (old times) and my casebooks, and sipping on a hot cup of tea. That last part is a lie. But would be so Blogger of me! Somehow when I went to write this post I thought I had more photos to use but then we got here...oh well...I'm going home this week for our Spring Break and am super some photos/be exciting/fashun...jeez.


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